We are strategic, commercial business advisors who are focused on delivering outstanding results for you.

That’s what you would expect right?

To work with experienced business people who care.

We help you grow a profitable, valuable and enjoyable business – one that has loads of options, so you can live the life you desire.

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COVID-19 and the global pandemic has disrupted the plans of many businesses. We would love to share some insights and a fresh perspective on how you can re-design an action plan to create great results for your business.

For a complimentary business health check and options report get in touch so we can provide fresh perspective and explore how we may help you.

Redesigning business in uncertain times.

We have consulted to many businesses at various stages of their business cycle; from start-ups to those that are established & need a kick start or re-alignment to achieve better results.

For us, it’s not about the industry it’s about you. If you are serious about getting improved results or need external help give us a call.

You might just get some fresh perspective on an issue or opportunity you are considering or mulling over.

Clients have told us they enjoy the commercial expertise we add to complement the talent within their team.

As past members for over 10 years of one of the world’s leading independent Accounting and Legal Alliances we can almost certainly help you at a local level or in almost any region of the world – 104 countries to be precise!

Local knowledge, deep experience and global oomph… when you need it.

We are a little bit different. In a good way. Find out if we are right for you.

We will be delighted to see how we can help you redesign your business for success in these uncertain times.  And we are happy to provide a complimentary business health check of your business so you can assess the positive impact and uncover a number of little things that will make a huge impact on many levels.

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Alec Blacklaw ~ Bio

When in 2013, our founder and MD became a silent partner and wanted me to step up to manage Veejay’s, it was a daunting task. Having a free consultation with you was the best decision I have made moving forward.

You have helped me with business and life skills which I will have forever.

Alec is one of the most engaging, knowledgeable and likeable people you will ever meet.

He brings clarity to often difficult subjects, underpinned by his skill set and experiences, and he delivers it with compassion – and always throws in a few musical references for entertainment along the way!

Highly recommended and I look forward to continuing to work with Alec in the future.

I have known and worked with Alec since 2010, he recently guided our company through a smooth international business transaction. He made what could have been a complicated share sale transfer appear easy and seamless, his knowledge and expertise made the whole process and experience appear quite simple.

Alec produced a clear no-nonsense sensible document that outlined a mutually agreeable share sale agreement which satisfied the needs and requirements of both parties.

Throughout the whole of the transaction, Alec kept all parties fully advised and updated, meeting all the required deadlines and dates.

I would be happy to recommend Alec to any businesses who are looking to enter into the process of acquisition or disposal whether that be within Australia or internationally

Gordon Lilley CEO, Caldervale Technology Ltd.


Our focus is on implementation and making a real difference.

We take the time to understand your objectives and find out what’s important to you. Naturally we price everything we do upfront and provide a no quibble money back guarantee on the work we do with you.

Once we have agreement on the path forward, we get started on the priority items that will deliver the value and results you seek.

We promise to communicate in simple english, with no jargon plus we love to draw pictures.

Implementation is everything and we mutually agree expectations up front so that you only receive good surprises.

Our goal is support you every step of the way to make your business more profitable, valuable and enjoyable.

Delivering fresh perspective, quite often we will challenge your thinking to achieve your goals and objectives sooner so you can enjoy the results you seek.

Our focus is on helping you achieve lots of 1% improvements, and focus on the little things that are critical for your success and that will drive and enhance your business performance.

Strategic Business Improvement

Using our deep commercial experience we ask good questions. Listening carefully, thinking laterally, our goal is to develop a strategic action plan that will provide the framework for us to drive the action required for the business to achieve their goals.

We revisit and agree whats important for your success and design the process to enable you to run a significantly more profitable, valuable and enjoyable business.

We ask the right questions to understand and narrow the focus on what’s critical for your success –  for you and your board, your team and clients. We ensure we have alignment and clarity to build stronger trust internally and externally. Improving and enriching the culture of the business is an important part of this process and your success.

We provide you with the mindset, the tools, the knowledge and the support you need to build something truly extraordinary. Now that’s fun and highly rewarding.

Driving Business Performance

Our focus  is to pro-actively improve your business and collaborate with you to add simple, powerful and proven success strategies to your existing business model.

In most cases the process starts with a strategic planning process with the key people to review and document the best path forward to positively impact your performance. We help you get alignment at all levels of the business and improved buy-in from all stakeholders through clarity and ongoing accountability. We measure the things that really matter and that will keep everyone motivated and engaged, creating a visual scoreboard.

Together we obtain leverage and scale across the business as a whole to provide profitable growth, consistent with your goals, so that everyone can enjoy even more of what they do.

Quite simply…we focus on improved outcomes.

Developing a winning team 

We often hear “Our people are our biggest asset” but rarely do we see high performing teams that are truly engaged over the long term. We show you how to enhance the level of trust and buy-in with in your business which allows you to attract and retain the best talent. To provide an environment and pathway to develop your people to be the very best they can be – for you and for themselves.

9 Key Success Strategies for Business success

There is a formula …and the best business owners in the world have employed it.

We want to understand what’s important to you and your business and where you would like to take it. Once we have this insight we develop strategies, a simple plan  and provide the support to make your business even more profitable, valuable and enjoyable. One that has more options… for everyone.

A few times a year we run The Business Improvement Program – a comprehensive, powerful and practical live in 2 day programme based on implementing the 9 Key Success Strategies in a dynamic and collaborative learning format with other business owners.

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Setting up Business in Australia or want to grow your business overseas?

We are past members of one of the worlds leading independent Accounting and Legal Alliances with offices in over 100 countries. Alec Blacklaw was Area Representative for MSI Global Alliance in Australia and New Zealand for 10 years and developed close relationships with partners across the world and can draw upon the talent and expertise from over 250 offices worldwide. All of the MSI partners are subject matter experts and proactively focus on getting great results for you.
Local knowledge combined with global oomph.

We provide you with practical advice and solutions that will deliver the perspective you need, with confidence and surety from one our trusted and vetted partners. We will manage the entire process and work closely with you every step of the way to deliver the outcomes you desire. And keep you informed every step of the way to ensure we are on track

We are often asked to “road test” a new business idea or opportunity, provide options on creating a larger business, valuing a business, assisting with the sale, succession or negotiation of a business, or to assist with commercialising a business venture.

With proven expertise to help business set up in Australia on many levels with our local knowledge, we focus on getting you up and running with a minimum of fuss aligned to your objectives. We work closely with you to get the right solution with options that are absolutely tailored to your objectives.

We love business and helping people in business get outstanding results.

It’s that simple.

We look forward to seeing if we can help you with your objectives challenge or opportunity … just as we have with so many other business owners over many years.

Try us out- what have you got to lose?
We have been in several businesses and worked with many so called business advisers, with limited success. From our first meeting, Alec showed genuine interest in the life of our business and our desire to make it successful.
We have been with Alec for just over a year now and in that time our business has grown dramatically. With Alec’s input we have doubled our turnover. We have managed to break down the business and find out which sections are providing the best profit margins, and which sections are holding us back.
Alec has given us the tools and knowledge to understand and grow our business to dizzying heights.
Alec has been working with us on our business for the past 3 years. His insights into structure, accounting and overall management have been critical in our growth to be the areas leading estate agency.
We have experienced growth and huge improvements in culture during this period and also restructured the ownership to ensure we continue to improve the team and the bottom line.
Alec continues to have an active role in the business as an advisor and mentor.
Alec has worked with me through the MSI group over a number of years. Alec has a very good eye for business management, strategy management and business development.
He has great contacts and an easy way of explaining his views. He is willing to put in the time and energy to make things work.
I will keep working with Alec I hope for years to come!


We have a deep passion for working with business owners to make their business more profitable, valuable & enjoyable so that they can live the life they desire.

We love to work with people who have passion, who know there big WHY and who are committed to implementation in order to succeed.

We get excited about making a positive difference for as many business owners as we can, so that they, their team, clients and their community enjoy the returns on the huge energy and resource that is invested over the life of the business and beyond.

And more than that … we want to see everyone get great outcomes on many levels and live a richer and more rewarding life.

We provide businesses with the opportunity to learn what it takes to move to the top of your industry and move your business from a good business to one that is even more profitable, valuable and enjoyable – and that has loads more options.

Quite often we are asked to share with businesses how they can generate more leads and increase sales conversion, other times client want to significantly improve their profits and cash flow. For all business owners we focus on delivering strategies to make their business more attractive, relevant and valuable under a variety of exit scenarios -taking into account voluntary and involuntary possibilities. We provide more options.

Change is inevitable however progress is not.

We are often asked to help the business with a fresh perspective on leadership and developing a high performing team that is more engaged, where they enjoy a rich culture that is engaging, vibrant and attractive for everyone.

Ultimately we assist businesses, their teams and their clients enjoy better results from everything they do.

Now that’s something we really enjoy.

That’s why we get out of bed each morning.

Why do you get out of bed each morning?

Share Your Big Why With Us

Together our giving can make an Impact. Together we can do Great Things.
WHY we give:

We feel incredibly lucky to be able to help our clients and our team in lots of little ways to enjoy an improved standard of living, good health and education opportunities.

WHERE we give:

Our local community. Through our pro-bono service for Startup Business and young entrepreneurs.<
Assisting the homeless in Australia through St Vincent de Paul and the Vinnies CEO Sleepout each year.<
We are a Business for Good and believe that our giving, as lifetime members of B1G1, can make an impact on lives around the World.<
So far our giving has positively impacted lives in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, India, Ethiopia, South Africa, United Kingdom and more.<

HOW we give:

Blacklaw Advisory is a lifetime member of B1G1 which is a social enterprise and non-profit organisation with a mission to create a world that’s full of giving and 100% of all contributions made to B1G1 go directly to their projects.<
Each time you choose to work with us, or use one of our existing services, or attend The Business Improvement Program we give a contribution, on your behalf, to one of the projects in B1G1.<

Nichols Crowder saw a great opportunity to take the business to another level but knew that we need to upgrade our skill levels.
Our engagement of Alec Blacklaw allowed for this and many more objectives to be achieved.
For me, the three high-level objectives were, improved leadership skills, more robust systems and processes with full team support, and my team taking on their share of responsibility.
The improvements dropped down to the bottom line immediately
Matt Nichols, CEO., Nichols Crowder
I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside Alec and see him in action. Alec brings so much energy to the table which leads to results and big goals achieved.

Alec puts 100% into everything he does and has made a real difference to our firm. Alec still keeps in contact with the directors and team at our firm, and it’s clear that he really does care about people.

I admire the work that Alec does with SMEs and professional practices, along with his dedication to charities and the wider community.

Nigel Plowman, Managing Partner., McKinley Plowman
I have dealt with Alec over many years. He has helped me and my family in his various capacities. Alec goes” above and beyond” in his service. He has been invaluable in all aspects-engagement, understanding of complex situations and assisting in achieving positive results.
Alec has been an enormous help, is multi-skilled and comes highly recommended.
Heather Zampatti, Member at Financial Sector Advisory Council.


Insights, fresh perspective, and some hacks that are simple to implement so that you can run a better business.

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    Alec Blacklaw ~ Bio.

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