I was drawn to a really interesting post on the MSI Global Alliance website last week following our successful regional meeting in Singapore and I thought I would share it with you. Face to Face meetings

It got me thinking about how we effectively communicate and build action plans with the various parties we relate to. And how can we do this better for everyone’s benefit.

I understand everyone is busy and there is so much going on in peoples lives. In fact, technology is both a blessing and curse as the old phrase goes. And with the constant social media traffic and the “need” to keep on top of this and emails, I question if we are effectively communicating with the people that matter as well as we can.

If the relationship really matters – business or personal – perhaps it would be better to make some time to meet face to face. It allows for all of the senses to be engaged, to see and hear what the person is communicating ,to gauge and provide immediate feedback which may take the conversation to another dimension.

Face to face meetings build trust and relationships.

91% of people would prefer to do business and spend time with people they trust. So why not meet face to face and build on the relationship and genuinely listen to what’s really important to the other person.

And always finish with next steps and a commitment to the next action. Big or small – its important to keep the momentum going.

Alec Blacklaw works with business owners to make their business more profitable, valuable and enjoyable.

Alec may be reached on alec@blacklawadvisory.com.au and would love to meet with you face to face to see if he can add value to your opportunity or challenge in business. No pressure, no hard sales – that’s guaranteed.

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