Whats all the noise about?

 Inspiration.Results. Implementation.

Lots of business owners were inspired to implement the many take-aways from the powerful and  practical 2 days they spent working on their business recently

The first of the new and refreshed Business Improvement Programs  finished up with a bang at the luxurious RACV Club on the Great Ocean Road, Torquay, with all attendees voting it a great success.

Alec Blacklaw, Founder and Creator of The BIP, said ” The  refreshed & updated 2016 format went down very well with all of the attendees who each told me that they got a huge amount out of the program. A huge thank you goes out to the guest speakers , Paul Dunn, Kylie Bartlett, Troy Townley and Gareth Lane who were sensational and made a very positive impression on everyone.”

The BIP with its many “Rotating CEO” breakout sessions allowed each of the attendees to practically work on and implement the many learnings from each of the 9 Key Success Strategies.

We certainly challenged the thinking of the audience, providing options and a different way of doing things –  and left them with pages and pages of action items to take away and implement in their business.

Alec goes on to say” I am so pleased to see that its now many weeks on from The BIP Melbourne and the attendees are all working away on a few key takeaways and getting improved results. The power is in the implementation.”

The big challenge for all board members of owner managed businesses is to balance working on the business and what’s really important for their long term success and working in the business – dealing with the many operational day to day things that crop up. We know that, we get it.

Having said that,its critical that leaders make the time every day to work on the the things that are critical for their success and which represents the best use of their time. The best and most effective Leaders lead, monitor and manage the “half dozen” things that make a big difference to the performance of the business and which allow the business to meet it’s objectives as per its 1 page plan or rolling quarterly strategic plans.

As Yoda said… “Do. Or do not. There is no try”

We look forward to hearing about your challenges and your success.

If you woudl like to know more or find out when the next BIP will be held, contact alec@blacklawadvisory.com.au

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