Click here for 5 Key Tips to enhance Collaboration.

It takes 2 to tango and here are some things for each party to consider:

  1. Get really clear about your expectations.
  2. Define your objectives and what you really want to achieve.
  3. Clarify what success will look like for each party.
  4. Focus on delivering loads of value.
  5. Leave fears at the front door and begin a conversation.

When you decide that you would like to collaborate with someone on a project ask…

“How can I help you?” 

Focus on how you can help the other party by following each of the tips above.

Go slow, be clear, feedback on what you have heard and confirm that this is what the other person had in mind. Once you are aligned and have clarity, move onto the next item.

Our observation is that each step builds increased moments of connection and momentum as you build trust with each other.