2 Key Pieces of the Puzzle to Create your 2020/21 Success Plan.

And why they can make all of the difference. (Part 3 of a 3 part series - Redesigning the Pathway through the Global Pandemic.) History tells us the difference between winning and coming second is minimal. The difference between hot water and steam is only 1 degree. Yet the impact that flows from creating lots [...]

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Redesigning your Business for Success

Positive pathways to tackling uncertainty. History tells us that exploring strategic options and being bold is the only way forward when faced with a crisis. Sitting on your hands is a choice, although perhaps not the best one when faced with CHANGE. The best leaders right now are undertaking a strategic planning process to redesign [...]

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Uncertainty might just be the new normal…

and How you can use this to your advantage. (Part 1 of a 3-part series. Redesigning the Pathway through the Global Pandemic.) All businesses move through a lifecycle. Your business may be in a start-up phase, it may be an established business, or you may be facing challenges as you grow. Other businesses may be struggling [...]

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A couple of Awards won in July 2020. Thank you for helping us improve your business.

Thank you to the clients we have been privileged to work with over the last year (and over many years). The impact we have been able to make with you has been recognised in a few awards over the last month. We look forward to working with you as you continue the implementation of the [...]

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Don’t Be ‘Realistic’ – Follow Your Dreams.

Sometimes we can get lost with what’s important  and why we matter. When I went down to my local café the other day, I met a guy on his day off who owned a very successful business and we got to talking about following your dreams and having the confidence to pursue them. We agreed [...]

How to enhance collaboration and achieve better outcomes

Click here for 5 Key Tips to enhance Collaboration. It takes 2 to tango and here are some things for each party to consider: Get really clear about your expectations. Define your objectives and what you really want to achieve. Clarify what success will look like for each party. Focus on delivering loads of value. [...]

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BIP, BIP, BIP… Boom!

Whats all the noise about?  Inspiration.Results. Implementation. Lots of business owners were inspired to implement the many take-aways from the powerful and  practical 2 days they spent working on their business recently The first of the new and refreshed Business Improvement Programs  finished up with a bang at the luxurious RACV Club on the Great Ocean Road, [...]

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We used to say “The more things change, the more they stay the same” – but do they?

Turn and face the strange changes. Another headline, another tweet, another ding on my phone, tablet... Will I look at it? It might be important you think - or least most people do. There is more noise than ever out there. It just seems quieter on the ear, however it's every bit as disruptive as [...]

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